Metimedi Pharmaceuticals SITEMAP

Our goal is to progress the clinical development of our discoveries,

substantially increase their values, and to ultimately market or out-license.


Chong Hwan Chang, Ph.D.

Chong Hwan Chang, Ph.D. who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of MetiMedi Pharmaceuticals had interests in the new drug discovery and development for a long time. He had experience on developing blockbuster drugs on global scale such as Sustiva, Eliquis (apixaban), and Daklinza (daclatasvir) during his tenure at DuPont Pharmaceuticals and Bristol-Myers Squibb.
Since he returned to Korea, he served as the head of R&D at the Green Cross Corporation and developed under his leadership GreenGene F, Shinbaro, Hunterase, blockbusters in Korean market.
He also served as the president of new drug development center at KBIOHealth which carries the critical steps to develop the exploratory candidate to advanced drug candidate on biologicals. Overall he has been in the pharma-industry close to 30 years since he joined DuPont Merck Pharmaceticals on 1991. Dr. Chang hold Ph.D. in Structural Biology from The University of Pittsburgh, M.S. and B.S. in chemistry from the Seoul National University.

Keun-Yeong Jeong, Ph.D.

Keun-Yeong Jeong, Ph.D. serves as our Chief Scientific Officer and the vice president of MetiMedi Pharmaceuticals. Prior to founding MetiMedi Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Jeong was a Research Professor at the Gachon University where he focused on investigating cancer metabolism and chronic inflammatory diseases.
He has noticeable scientific achievements including many peer reviewed publications and patents. He is also an editor of an internationally prominent science journals. Dr. Jeong developed an atopic dermatitis animal model, promotion method for cancer treatment using stem cell and radiation, and he is a main inventor of OMT-110 which is a major technology of MetiMedi Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Jeong received his MS, and Ph.D. in Medicine from the Korea University, and B.S. in Biology from the Chungbuk National University. He completed his postdoctoral fellow from the Yonsei University Cancer Center.

Jong Ho Lee

Jong Ho Lee, serves as our Chief Financial Officer and the Senior Executive vice president of MetiMedi Pharmaceuticals. Mr. Lee has over 30 years of financial experience at private companies in the biotechnology and I.T. industries.
Prior to MetiMedi Pharmaceuticals, he was a CEO of Songho Bio Med Co., Ltd. Obesity-focused biopharmaceutical company. Mr. Lee has also previously held senior position at several companies including Bioradix Co., Ltd., BizChosunNet Co., Ltd., Pionsoft Co., Ltd., where he was a CEO or managed the company’s financing plan. Mr. Lee received B.A. in management from the Yeonsei University.
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