Metimedi Pharmaceuticals SITEMAP

Our goal is to progress the clinical development of our discoveries,

substantially increase their values, and to ultimately market or out-license.

External collaboration

Hwan Mook Kim, Ph.D.

Hwan Mook Kim, Ph.D. is a professor of the Gachon University in Incheon Korea. Dr. Kim initiated a new concept of cell metabolism modulation and his research group conducted all the key mechanisms and translational researches.
MetiMedi Pharmaceuticals licensed in exclusive right of his research outcome for development. Since establishment of MetiMedi Pharmaceuticals, the collaboration between his research group and MetiMedi Pharmaceuticals has been cooperative and complementary. Dr. Kim is a great asset as a scientific adviser to our projects.

Jeong-Heum Baek, M.D., Ph.D.

Jeong-Heum Baek, M.D., Ph.D. is a professor of the Gachon University as well as a Director of Minimally Invasive Surgery Center of Gil Hospital in Incheon Korea.
He is a principal investigator for Phase I clinical trial of OMT-110. Dr. Baek’ expertise in clinical trial is a key in the stage of clinical trial.
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